Tres Beau Perfume

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Tres Beau Perfume I believe has a scent that truly represent what NaturaDeezeacs is. Soft, sensual, discreetly sexy with a hint of spice. The sage take the lead with its soothing relaxing scent. The amber offers the discreetly sexiness, followed by the sensuality of the lily and jasmine, and a pinch of spice from the ginger. And all theses beautiful are carried with one of my favorite oils, Kukui Nut Oil. This carrier oil is light and airy, comparable to the oils our bodies naturally produce. Non clogging and absorbs beautifully.

Size: 10ml


Suggested Use: Roll on your perfume on the heated points of your body like the inner wrist, behind the ears, and wherever else you want to enjoy it.

Kukui Nut Oil, Sage, Amber, Lily, Jasmine, Ginger, Vitamin E


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