I choose my ingredients based on what benefits they offer on a wide range.  Then I select certain ingredients for certain product based on the particular properties they  hold that will  provide the benefits I want to offer for that particular product.Because of my love for what organic herbs offers I have recently began creating organic tinctures and herbal oils which you will see included in our product ingredients.

For example, if you see"Lavender" just know that will include a Lavender Herbal Infusion and/or tincture along with the essential oil.

2. How do you decide what ingredients to use in you products?

My daughter has dealt with eczema all her life. What the doctors were prescribing and suggesting was either a temporary relief or just didn't work at all. Plus when I learned of the possible side effect of the medication I wasn't comfortable with her continuing the medication. I knew their had to be another way. I knew mother nature had all the answer and I had to find them. With diligent research I was able to find what she needed to not only have relief but to repair the damage to her skin. Yes, she does still have eczema, but when she receives a flair up she  has a natural way of dealing with it with results and no negative side effects.

​Yes it would be "easier" but I like doing events because  1. I want people to be able to see, smell, a feel my products. 2. I love interacting with customers, and potential customers. Most people like to interact and see the face behind the name. They get to feel my energy as I do theirs.  3. I just love to travel! :-)

​​​YES! Most natural organic oils and butter automaticly have a great shelf life for up to 2 years. An added natural preservative like Vitamin E give products a shelf life of up to 2 years when stored properly. Now if your product isn't in the right environment for the moment your products wont go bad immediately, it will just shorten the shelf life a little bit.

​5. Some of your reviews say "Verified Buyer" or "Verified Reviewer" or nothing at all next the review. Why?

​4. Why do you sell your products at craft shows, expos, and events? Wouldn't it be easier to just sell your products online?

6. How soon can I expect to receive my order?

​​​​1.What inspired you to create NaturaDeezeacs?

All orders  ship within 1-3 business days.  If it should take a few days longer I will always send an email to the customer indicating that and why. This is a rare occurrence.


Vegan Friendly Natural Organic Skin Care At Affordable Prices!

3. Is their REALLY such a thing as a "Natural Preservatives" for skin care products?

​A Verified buyer is a customer who purchased on line and chose to leave a review. A Verified reviewer is someone who signed up on my email list but has purchased from me in person at an event.  The reviews with nothing next to them are customers who have purchased from me but aren't on my email list but wanted to leave a review of the products they purchased.